Astronomical Society VEGA implements numerous projects and programs to popularize science and STEM, and anyone interested can join us! Professional knowledge is not a prerequisite because we can learn about the universe together, and those who want to visit us or join the association to contribute to the work, are free to contact us. In addition to education and scientific work, we also pay attention to astrophotography, and you can see individual works in the photo gallery.

Our projects:

Čakovec observatory

Astronomical Society Vega manages the Čakovec observatory located in the suburban settlement of Savska Ves. The observatory does not have permanent working hours but is used as needed or on the occasion of certain events, and in addition to the locals of Savska Ves and Čakovec, schoolchildren and members of associations for children and young people often look through the telescope. You can follow announcements of activities in the observatory on our social networks, and you can contact us for group visits.


The Sun – Our Star

The project “The Sun – Our Star” is the longest-running project of the Astronomical Society Vega, which has been carried out periodically since 2015, although some lectures were held as early as 2012. As part of the project, workshops, educational lectures and observations of the night sky with astronomical instruments are organized. AD VEGA implements the project in the area of the city of Čakovec, to increase interest in astronomy in the city.


Global Meteor Network

The society is involved in the work of the Global Meteor Network (GMN), an organization that manages the work of about 40 sky monitoring cameras installed all over the world. The project itself began in 2007 as a joint project of the Astronomical Society of Istria from Pula and the Scientific Education Center Višnjan. The cameras placed all over the world enable multiple overlays of the cameras’ fields of view, which results in a very precise analysis of meteor trajectories. The camera was placed in building 1 of the Međimurje Technology and Innovation Center, and TICM gave the society a place in the server room where the computer that runs the camera is located. The installation of the camera was done by Miroslav Smolić with the help of FranzNET, a company incubated at TICM.


School of Astronomy

The “School of Astronomy” project was launched in 2022 with the help of the Vratišinec Municipality as a pilot project in Dr. Vinko Žganec Vratišinec Elementary School, and it will be implemented in different scopes in 2023 in cooperation with several municipalities in several schools in the Međimurje County. Through the project, students master the basics of working with a telescope and acquire basic astronomical knowledge. With this project, AD Vega aims to popularize astronomy among schoolchildren, and the long-term goal of the project is to encourage schools to establish astronomy groups and schoolchildren to participate in astronomy competitions.


Erasmus + project “Astronomy in Kindergarten”

At the invitation of DV Cvrčak PO STONOGA Novo Selo Rok, the Astronomical Society Vega joined the cooperation on the project “Astronomy in Kindergarten”. It is a project created as a result of long-term cooperation and exchange of experiences in the field of children’s upbringing and education between the kindergarten Turnišće from Slovenia and DV Cvrčak. The project leader is DV Turnišće, the Stonoga kindergarten is a partner in the project, and AD VEGA as a collaborator holds lectures and other activities in the kindergarten.


ITEO project – Popularization of STEM in Međimurje

The goal of the project “ITEO – Popularization of STEM in Međimurje” was to improve the capacity of societies in Međimurje County to implement the program for the popularization of STEM. By strengthening capacities through new knowledge and good practices in Europe and the cooperation of societies with the scientific and higher education community in the region and relevant stakeholders, the popularization of STEM was improved in an interdisciplinary and innovative way towards the end users: children, young people and the wider population in Međimurje. The project lasted 24 months, the organizer was the Young Informatics Association of Strahoninec, and in addition to the VEGA Astronomical Society, the project partners were the Međimurje Informatics Club, the Radio Club Međimurje Čakovec, the Association of Technical Culture Pedagogues of Međimurje County, the Platform for the Community Center Čakovec, the Public Institution for Regional Development Međimurje County REDEA, Faculty of Organization and Informatics, Međimurje Polytechnic in Čakovec and Josip Slavenski Gymnasium Čakovec The total value of the project was HRK 2,226,017.52 and it was financed from the Operational Program Effective Human Potential from the European Social Fund (85%) and the state budget of the Republic of Croatia (15%). The project was completed in 2022, and you can find out more about the project at As a continuation of the project, the establishment of the ITEO scientific centre is planned, so new project activities are being designed, in which the members of our association also participate.